• Hi, I Am Abdullah
    Hi, I Am Abdullah

    Tech JournalistDesigner . Developer 

Know More About Me

I am Abdullah Bin Mubarak. A Tech Journalist, Designer and a Developer from India. I have a good background in Content Writing and Youtube Content Creation realms. I have managed to earn the reputation as a skilled Content Writer for many Online and Offline publications. I am also recognized in various perspectives of IT field like Web Designing, Web Development, Wireframing, App Development, Tech Consulting and Microcontroller Programming including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and LEGO. I am a widely read Journalist and Gadget reviewer too. Currently, I focus on executing my service as Managing Editor at AndroidHits.com  and Senior Journalist at OneTechStop.net. I also manage several Web Portals of mine - PhonesGate.com, Geek Guy Studio.

See What I can do

Media Contents
I am skilled in Video Making, Media Content creation, and poster/banner designing. I can also assit in setting up various video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.
Logo Design
I can draw, render and manipulate logos according to your need.
App Development
I can develop certain simple Android Apps at beginner to the moderate level, coded in Java.
Web Developing
I am capable of developing in languages like HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, PHP, Perl, SQL and many server-client sided requirements.
UI/UX Design
I am skilled in Wireframing, UX Designing, UI Protoyping, Front-end designing.
Content Writing
I can contribute different types of contents from my treasure of vocabs, including Journals, Editorial, News Report, Reviews and Notes relating to technology.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to know more